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Equal Employment Opportunity

WIA East Africa is an equal opportunity employer, and is committed to safeguarding the right of every employee to work in a safe and productive environment which is free of discrimination and harassment. We committed to ensuring that recruitment, promotion and other employment practices are based on merit, and result in the appointment and/or promotion of the best person for the job in every case.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is about promoting fair and equal access for all employees and potential employees to employment opportunities and benefits, regardless of characteristics such as their sex, sexuality, race, nationality, ethnic background, age, marital status, religion, pregnancy, political convictions, physical disability or intellectual impairment.

EEO seeks to create a work environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, and which enables all employees to work to their full potential.

WIA East Africa EEO Policy prohibits discrimination or harassment of or by:

  • all current employees, regardless of their employment basis;
  • external applicants for positions;
  • voluntary and unpaid workers;
  • external contractors or agents;
  • agency workers;
  • students on work experience; and
  • strangers, including customers.

At WIA East Africa we are always on the look out for skilled people to join our team. Send your Curriculum Vitae to info@wia-eastafrica.com including a brief introductory letter which will be saved in our databases pending any openings that may arise.

At the moment, we do not have an opening.