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Our Service Delivery Approach »

Our approach to every assignment is geared towards ensuring provision of value added services that meet the highest professional standards. To achieve this, we have recognized that the calibre of our most valuable resource, the WIA team, is of critical importance. We have not only tapped the right professional skills but have also harnessed and sharpened our people to form a formidable rapid response team fully equipped with the right tools to face any business related problem or challenge. Our vigorous and consistent staff training and development programs enable us to maintain consistency in our technical quality and client care standards. In every assignment we ensure:

Careful planning to gain total understanding of our client’s operations, identify key areas and contentious issues, and assess the associated risks;

Each assignment is entrusted to the most qualified and experienced experts in the particular field. We further believe that our policy of providing our staff with full responsibility for all aspects of a client’s affairs, supplemented by specialist advice, shortens the "learning curve", increases staff commitment and provides a more consistent and effective service;

That there is sufficient direction, supervision and review of tasks and activities at all levels which provides us with reasonable assurance that the work performed by our staff and associates meet appropriate standards of quality;

Since we recognize that technical excellence in itself may not always come up with the best business solutions, through the sharing of our individual skills, knowledge and continuous consultation with the client, we combine our expertise with practical, time-proven commercial business acumen;

Our reports to the client are timely relevant, practical, cost-effective, and geared towards enhancing business performance;

Maintenance of total confidentiality of any client information acquired in the course of executing the assignment