• Audit and Accounting

    Audit, Assurance and Accounting continue to be our core business...
  • Tax Consulting

    Tax legislation and administration has become increasingly complex...
  • Consulting

    At DCL, we cherish the strong belief that innovation is the nerve-centre of all creativity...
  • Outsourcing

    Range of services include: Complete finance/accounting; Internal audit; Tax compliance...
  • Corporate Finance

    Through practical experience, in-depth analysis, model building and scenario analysis...
  • Agro-based Business Solutions

    Agriculture is the mainstay of the East African economies...

Information Technology

Providing impartial specialist advice in the ever-changing world of technology.

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Hospitality Advisory Services

Tourism is a major foreign exchange earner in the country, after agriculture

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Investment Advisory Services

Through association with Dominion Capital Securities Services Ltd, we offer specialised investment advisory services.

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Human Resources Development

Our HRD experts are always on hand to support our clients in the following areas..

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Our Vision To be the preferred provider of world-class quality accounting, financial and business advisory solutions in Kenya, East Africa and the African Continent. Mission Our mission is To provide our clients with world-class quality accounting, financial and business solutions and growth support services through a competent and highly motivated professional team using the most modern techniques and technology. Core

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The budget for the FY 2023/24 marks the beginning of the current government fiscal year. The Government’s 2023/24 Fiscal Strategy is premised on the theme: “Bottom-up economic transformation and climate change mitigation/adaptation for improved livelihoods of Kenyans."

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We are business-minded professionals who are committed to adding value to your business. Drawing upon our wealth of experience and expertise, together with our comprehensive range of services and worldwide network, we work closely with you, our clients, as your business adviser to maximize your capability for generating profits or delivering services. Simply put we believe that when

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